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Birth of a Serial Killer

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas and recognized as one of the major mid-sized cities in the nation.  Founded in 1868, the city enshrined the name of Wichita Indians, who had made that area their home.

Wichita, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas

The people of Wichita take great pride in their community, a fact which has earned the city the national distinction of "All American City" not once, but three times.  Home to Boeing, Cessna, Learjet and Ratheon, the city has also been nicknamed the  "Air Capital of the World." 

In this booming city with one of the best economies in the nation, something terrible was born. It's hard to say just when it happened and how long it took to reach maturity. No doubt it began as a fantasy, an angry internal cauldron of hate and frustration. Slowly, the fantasy became an obsession that demanded fulfilment. The planning and execution of this seminal event took over his conscious thought. Just once, he told himself, and then he would be free of this overwhelming need. It wouldn't be necessary to ever risk doing it again. 

But he was deluding himself. The trophies, the photos, and the memories were poor substitutes for the electrifying thrill and release of the act itself. The power he felt when he held a life in his hands was unparalleled. There just had to be some way to continue what he was doing without getting caught. Stopping was not exactly an option he had to consider.

Of course there was a way. For someone with his intellect, there was always a way. Cops are stupid, he knew that. No match for him. No Harvard graduates there on the Wichita police force. If he was careful, there was no reason for him not to indulge himself as many times as he wished. Truth be told, that element of danger added to his excitement and kept him on his guard.