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Creating an Insanity Plea

During the first week of May 2005, KAKE TV made public a letter containing two poems which were allegedly written by Dennis Rader while in prison. The documents were handed over by a fellow inmate who claimed that he asked Rader to write them for him so that he could give them to his girlfriend. One of the poems entitled "Tis' Spring Out There" was signed "Rader" and the second poem, titled "Black Friday" was signed "The Suspect."

The documents bore marked similarities with previous BTK communications, in that they were written in the same style and contained "many of his handwriting quirks," KAKE TV reported. Rader's defense attorney Warner Eisenbise said in another KAKE TV article that "if the poems are from Rader this could be a calculated move to set up an insanity defense" because he tried to portray two different personalities by signing the documents differently. To date, the defense has not filed any motion relating to an insanity defense but that could, of course, change.

Tis' Spring Out There

oh, to walk among the new season,

to heard a robin voice,

to see a dandelion bright,

to watch a butterfly flight,

to smell a simple flower bud,

oh spring these are the many reasons.


Black Friday

Just a quick glance and I knew all was lost.

I saw in real a on going mind view, the black and white, were now my new boss.

I saw my life as I know quickly fade away.

I saw my love ones, in mind and thoughts that I would never be able to touch, hold, communicate closely with and kiss with care will now be at bay.

I saw the Black Side of me, was now caught and others would not suffer from my lots,

But then it dawn on me, it was not as I thought.

Yes the other in me will cause no suffering.

The living remained, the Mother, Brother, Sisters, Children, Close Friends and wife will suffer.

Ands the real me of blood, flesh and mind will suffer.

The documents will likely be revealed at trial, along with other evidence compiled over the last 31 years. According to Ron Sylvester of The Wichita Eagle, the state has recently shared with the defense at least 45 discs containing vital information about Rader and the murders he is alleged to have committed. They are hoping that his attorneys will also hand over any evidence they might have, such as "copies of expert reports and mental exams" so that they can use it to further their case, Sylvester reported. It is not known when the trial will commence but it is expected to take place sometime between the fall of 2005 and mid-year 2006.

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