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The BTK Story

New Clues

On March 1, 2005, Wichita television station KAKE-TV released information, previously withheld by the police request, concerning the white trash bag BTK left in Murdock Park in December 2004. According to KAKE-TV, the bag's contents contained, a Barbie brand doll known as "PJ," which had a bag over its head, its hands tied behind its back and the feet bound by panty hose. The manner in which the doll was bound was similar to the way BTK tied up his victims before murdering them.

The name of the doll he chose was significant because its initials were that of Wichita State University English literature professor P.J. Wyatt, whom he referred to in earlier communications. At the time the bag was found it was revealed that Nancy Fox's driver license was in it, as well as a list of "BTK" chapters based on the Crime Library story on the BTK killings. Dana Strongin reported in the Wichita Eagle that "the police asked KAKE-TV to keep the doll secret" for fear that it might incite BTK to commit more murders.

KAKE-TV also revealed a puzzle BTK sent in a May 2004 communication that contained some 40 words and strings of numbers. According to the television station, some of the words hidden in the puzzle included, prowl, fantasies, spot victims, steam builds, go for it, Wichita spelled backwards, help, handyman and lost pet. What is most interesting is that BTK may have left important clues to his identity. KAKE-TV said that Rader's house number "6220" and his name "D Rader" appeared in the puzzle.



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