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The BTK Story

Kerri Rader's DNA

Seldom in recent history has a story been so convoluted and controversial.

At first, media sources reported that Kerri Rader, Dennis Rader's 26-year-old daughter, had grave suspicions about her father and had gone to the police with them.

Then, other sources said that Kerri Rader was approached by federal agents in Michigan, where Kerri Rader lives, to provide a DNA sample after Dennis Rader's arrest. Later, other sources said that she provided the DNA sample before the arrest of her father.

Now comes an entirely new twist from Tim Potter of the Wichita Eagle: he reports that Kansas tissue samples of Kerri Rader were subpoenaed for her DNA without her knowledge.

Allegedly, according to Rev. Michael Clark, the pastor of Dennis Rader's church, Kerri Rader "gave the DNA for the purpose of clearing her dad." Clark understood Kerri Rader to be very upset that she was somehow caught in the middle of all of this controversy.

It's increasingly difficult to know what story, if any, is true.

Typically, D.A. Nora Foulston has declined to comment on this report. Foulston, who had promised to be forthcoming with information, has not fulfilled her obligation.


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