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The BTK Story

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Dennis Rader's home, investigators roped off the area with police tape as the investigation continues.

Police Chief Norman Williams at the press conference, confident that they now have their man.

Nola Foulston, the District Attorney in charge at the press conference. Due to the ongoing investigation, not much information was given to the media, only that the investigation is continuing.

Delores Davis was a victim, now identified as being one of BTK's victims at the press conference.

Dennis Rader's arrest photo

Dennis Rader was a Compliance Officer, able to issue citations for things like enforcement of the leash law for dogs, and maximum grass height of residential yards.

A recent photo of Dennis Rader

Finnegan's Wake

Joseph Otero, a victim of the BTK. His wife (below) and two of their children (not pictured) were also killed.

Julie Otero, one of the first known victims of BTK.

Josephine (l) and Joseph Otero, Jr. (victims) were discovered after a more thorough search of the Otero home.

Kathryn Bright, a victim of the BTK.

Lt. Ken Landwehr in a press conference, answering questions in late November, 2004.

Marine Hedge another victim added to the BTK list during the press conference on 2/26/2005

Nancy Fox, a victim of the BTK

The Otero's car was abandoned and then discovered later in the Oliver Square parking lot.

An undated photo of the Otero's family house, where BTK gained entry and killed most of the family.

Shirley Vian, a victim of the BTK.

Police and the coroner's office removing Shirley Vian's body from her home.

Vicki Wegerle, a victim of the BTK.

An undated photo of Vicki Wegerle's home.

Vicki Wegerle's car was inspected by police, after it was found away from her house.

Map showing Witchita and some of the major cities in the states adjacent to Kansas

Dennis Rader was informed of the charges against him via closed-circuit TV, with his lawyer.

Judge Gregory Waller examines paperwork during the reading of formal charges against Dennis Rader.

The police withheld some evidence during the investigation of the BTK killer. One item which helped them to authenticate letters was the way 'BTK' signed the letters. Above is a re-created example of how the signature looked.

Dennis Rader in 8th Grade (left, 1959) and in high school (right, 1963). Were there signs back then that were ignored?

Dennis Rader in court, looking concerned and stunned.

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