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BTK Messages Revealed

In 2005, there were several other BTK communications discovered. On January 25, 2005 a tip off to KAKE-TV led to the detection of "a suspicious package" on "a dirt road that runs between 69th and 77th Street North," the television station revealed in an article on the BTK serial killer case. The package, which was sent by BTK, contained a Post Toasties cereal box with several items of jewelry were eventually turned over to the FBI. The FBI later confirmed that the package was indeed from the Wichita serial killer known as BTK.

Earlier in January and again in February a postcard was sent by BTK to the television station.   Jeanene Kiesling reported in her KAKE-TV article that the two BTK postcards were similar in layout and directed the reader to the Post Toasties cereal box that was found on January 25th. BTK then sent KAKE-TV another post card, which thanked them for their quick response and also asked them to relate some information to the Wichita Police Department, the report further stated.

Then several weeks later in February, Fox News' KSAS-TV affliate received a padded manila envelope sent by BTK, which contained a necklace, a letter and another unidentified item inside, Fox 4 News reported. It is believed that the necklace belonged to one of BTK's victims but it is not clear which one. The package, which was BTK's seventh communication, was handed over to the police for analysis.

That same week, Kiesling reported for the first time the entire list of chapters BTK sent to KAKE-TV in May 2004. The chapter list, loosely based on Crime Library's BTK story, was not made public earlier because the police did not want it to hamper the ongoing investigation. According to the article the chapters of BTK's revised Crime Library story were titled as follows:

Chapter 1: A Serial Killer is Born

Chapter 2: Dawn

Chapter 3: Fetish

Chapter 4: Fantasy World

Chapter 5: The Search Begins

Chapter 6: BTK's Haunts

Chapter 7: PJs

Chapter 8: MO-ID-RUSE

Chapter 9:   Hits

Chapter 10: Treasured Memories

Chapter 11: Final Curtain Call

Chapter 12: Dusk

Chapter 13: Will There Be More

BTK's choice of MO-ID-RUSE probably relates to his use of fake IDs, such as the telephone company employee ID he sent in previous communications, as his MO modus operandi. In previous messages BTK used the terminology MO. In all probability, BTK used the fake IDs to obtain entrance to his victims' homes.

Interestingly, in Dennis Rader's capacity as a compliance officer for Park City and an installer for a security alarm company, Rader, if he is BTK, may have used his business cards in those two roles to gain admission to victims' homes.

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