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Confession: Nancy Fox

Nancy Fox
Nancy Fox

When Rader got to the murder of Nancy Fox on December 8, 1977, he admitted that she had been one of his "projects." He explained to the judge that serial killers go through phases: first trolling, where they are looking for victims, and then stalking when they "lock in on a certain person."

Rader then described his serial killer methodology: "First, she was spotted. I did a little homework. I dropped by once to check her mailbox, to see what her name was. Found out where she worked, stopped by there once, Helzbergs. Sized her up. The more I knew about a person, the more I felt comfortable. So I did that a couple of times. Then, I just selected a night, which was this particular night, to try it and it worked out."

Rader knew what time she normally came home from work, so after he ascertained that no one was in her apartment, he cut the phone lines and broke in the back of her home. He waited for her in the kitchen.

Rader said that when she came home, " I confronted her, told her I had a problem, sexual problem, that I would have to tie her up and have sex with her. She was a little upset and we talked awhile and she smoked a cigarette. While we smoked a cigarette, I went through her purse identifying some stuff, and she finally said, well let's get this over with so I can call the police. So I said OK. She said, can I go to the bathroom. I said yes. She went to the bathroom. And I told her when she came out, make sure she was undressed. When she came out I handcuffed her, had her lay on the bed and I tied her feet. I was also undressed to a certain degree and then I got on top of her and I reached over, took either her feet were tied or not tied but I think I had a belt. Anyway, I took the belt and strangled her at that time.

Rader: After I strangled her with the belt, I took the belt off and retied that with panty hose, real tight, removed the handcuffs and tied those with pantyhose. I can't remember the colors right now. I think I may have retied her feet. They were probably already tied, her feet were. And then at that time, I masturbated.

Afterwards, Rader took some personal items of hers, cleaned up any evidence he might have left and went to his car that he had parked several blocks away.

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