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Vicki Wegerle and Dolores Davis Case Evidence

By Rachael Bell

Wichita Police Detective Kelly Otis was the seventh witness to be heard on August 17th. He testified about what Rader told him concerning Vicki Wegerle's murder. Rader told Otis that he dressed as a Southwestern Bell employee, wearing a yellow hard hat and carrying a company manual and fake identification, Buselt reported. His disguise was used to gain entry to Wegerle's home.

Wegerle, 29, was alone with her two-year old son, when Rader pulled a gun on her and made go to a back bedroom where he tied her up with leather shoelaces. Rader told Otis that she, like Kathryn Bright, "fought like a hell cat" while he was trying to "take her down." Buselt reported that DNA found beneath Wegerle's fingernail matched that of Dennis Rader.

The last testimony to be heard that day concerned the murder of Dolores "Dee" Davis, who was killed in January 1991. She was Rader's last known victim. Rader told Sedgwick County sheriff's Capt. Sam Houston that he waited for Davis to fall asleep before he broke through her sliding glass door with a cinderblock. According to Rader, Davis told him he couldn't be in her home but he quieted her when he threatened her with a gun, knife and club. Houston claimed that Rader bragged saying, "That's the control start to control them a little bit, you ease them a little bit. Just like you guys come in here and you buddy me, you try to make me feel at ease like it's going to be okay," Buselt reported.

Houston testified that Rader killed Davis, hoping to also make her one of his bondage slave women in his dreamed up fantasy afterlife. In the middle of the Captain's testimony, the proceedings were stopped, set to resume the next day. It would undoubtedly be one of many sleepless nights that the families of the victims would have to endure. 

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