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Amy Fisher


Shortly after the police arrested Amy, she learned that Joey was responsible for her capture, although she had difficulty believing it was true. Eventually, Amy admitted that she was indeed at the scene when Mary Jo was shot. However, she claimed that the shooting was an accident -- that the gun inadvertently went off and hit Mary Jo in the head.

During the interview with Amy, she refused to reveal the names of Paul or Jane, hoping to protect them from what she was going through. Instead, she falsely declared that Joey had given her the gun used to shoot Mary Jo. She also admitted that she and Joey were lovers.

Investigators were extremely confused by parts of Amys testimony. Her stories changed constantly and they had difficulty telling fact from fiction. It became increasingly clear to the police that Amy was trying to protect someone, exactly who was not clear. The interview had almost completely destroyed her credibility.

Eventually police learned about Jane and her possible involvement in the shooting. However, Janes mother was quick to protect her daughter by getting a lawyer. Eventually, Jane would escape any charges. There was simply no proof that Jane was ever involved.

Investigators also tried to go after Paul. They suspected that he was also involved in the plot to kill Mary Jo and may have been driving the car on the day of the shooting. However, when a neighbor of the Buttafuocos claimed that Paul was not the person who she had seen in the waiting car, he was no longer a suspect. The police were still eager to know if Joey was linked with the shooting, why Amy went after Mary Jo and the identity of the Thunderbirds driver.

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