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Amy Fisher

Chance Meeting

Joey Buttafuoco
Joey Buttafuoco
One day in late May, while trying to maneuver her car out of the garage at her house, Amy accidentally steered the vehicle too close to the garage wall and dislodged the side view mirror. Fearing her father's reaction, she hurriedly took the car to a local auto service shop, hoping to have the damage assessed and repaired before he learned of the accident.

Shortly after her arrival at Complete Auto Body & Fender Inc. in the town of Baldwin, she discovered that the repairs would be far more than she could afford. Amy was obviously dismayed and explained her predicament to Joey, the owner of the shop. Fisher and Weller stated that instead of Amy telling her father the truth, which would certainly land her in trouble, Joey purportedly suggested that she tell him that someone else hit the car.

Complete Auto Body & Fender garage
Complete Auto Body & Fender garage

Amy took Joey's advice and told her father that someone had "sideswiped" her car. The next day, she and her father returned to the garage to discuss repair fees. Amy was impressed with how Joey treated her father and his charming disposition.

Over the subsequent months, Amy returned often to the service shop for repair work to her mirror. During her frequent visits, Amy began to develop a romantic interest in the 35-year-old shop owner.

Following the repair work on her mirror, Amy decided to have a stereo system installed in her car. According to Fisher and Weller, while the work was being completed on July 2, 1991, Joey offered to drive her home in his car. When he and Amy arrived at her house, Joey made "physical advances towards her in the bedroom," resulting in the two becoming lovers. It was the beginning of a relationship that would eventually spiral out of control.

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