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Amy Fisher

Bad Company

During the first few weeks of their relationship, Joey and Amy went to local motels to spend time alone together. Despite the fact that Joey was already married and had two children, Amy fell deeper in love with her older lover.

According to Amy, Joey began to reveal more about his life and on several occasions he discussed with her how unhappy he was in his marriage. She also said that he hinted at times about "getting rid" of Mary Jo, although Joey would later refuse that he ever made the claim. Amy also began to feel as if she could open up around Joey. She revealed parts of herself to him that she never had with anyone else at the time. She discovered that in many ways their lives paralleled and their similarities drew them closer to one another.

Two weeks into the couple's relationship, Amy broke out in a rash. After a trip to the gynecologist, she discovered that she had herpes. There was little doubt where she contracted the viral disease. Amy was forced to tell her parents about the disease, yet she denied that Joey gave it to her. She feared that they would charge him with statutory rape and she didn't want anything or anybody getting in the way of her seeing the man she loved.

In August 1991, Amy began a new job as a salesgirl at Jean Country, a clothing store located in Massapequa's Sunrise Mall. While there, she befriended several other girls whom she became close with. One in particular, Jane, became her closest confidant, to whom she revealed many intimate aspects of her relationship with Joey.

Amy wouldn't keep her job long. After approximately a month she was fired and desperate for money, especially since she bought a new car and had difficulty making the payments. Amy realized that she needed to find a way to make money and fast. It was during that time that Joey allegedly suggested that she become an escort with a service named ABBA Escorts.

By late September 1991, Amy was making a substantial amount of money in her new job as a prostitute. Although she was physically repulsed by the work, she continued to do it in order to pay off her car. She also continued her relationship with Joey, but it was beginning to get out of control.

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