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Amy Fisher


Paul Makely
Paul Makely
Amy's education suffered and her friendships began to fall apart. She distanced herself from her closest family members and became increasingly dependent on Joey. Moreover, her feelings for him were becoming obsessive. For the first time in the relationship, Joey's wife, Mary Jo, posed a real threat to Amy. She stood in the way of Amy's goal of having Joey all to herself.

By November of that year, Amy decided that she was going to give Joey an ultimatum – he had to choose between her and his wife. When she presented him with the options, Joey chose his wife. Amy was shocked and saddened by his decision and she broke off the relationship.

Unable to come to terms with the course her life and the relationship had taken, Amy tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists. Fortunately, she did not succeed and her wounds were not severe enough to warrant medical attention. She decided to give life another try and, with the support of her mother and some friends, she tried to overcome the pain of the breakup.

Yet, it wasn't easy for Amy. Even though she and Joey had separated, she continued to have strong feelings for him and jealousy towards his wife. She became so curious about Mary Jo that on one occasion, Amy posed as a girl selling candy door-to-door in order to catch a glimpse of Joey's wife.

By the time January 1992 rolled around, Joey and Amy had gotten back together. At the same time, Amy was also having a relationship with another man, Paul Makely, who was the co-owner of a gym called Future Physique. Joey didn't seem fazed by Amy's part-time prostitution, which she used to make extra money. However, according to Eftimiades, he was hurt and jealous when he learned about her relationship with Paul.

In order to keep the men from butting heads, Amy decided to downplay her interest in Paul. Her main concern was Joey and she had no intention of jeopardizing the relationship with him any further. In fact, she made plans to be rid of any threat that could come between them, specifically his wife, Mary Jo.

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