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Amy Fisher

An Unexpected Witness

One of the primary investigators involved in the case was Detective Martin Alger. He learned from an officer who had questioned Joey earlier that there were two people that he knew who could have been involved in the shooting. One was Paul Makely and the other his girlfriend, Amy.

Alger further questioned Joey about the two possible suspects. Joey stated that Pauls girlfriend was also a friend of his. He suggested that Paul had been involved in drugs and that his girlfriend had given him some money to pay off a debt. Joey told the detective that he told his friend (Amy) that loaning Paul the money was a mistake. Joey suggested that Paul found out about his advice to Amy and wanted vengeance.

Alger found the story difficult to believe, yet, it was all he had to go on. That is, until May 20, when Mary Jo regained consciousness.

Alger immediately visited Mary Jos bedside. It seemed that she would recover from the shooting and he wanted to see if she was able to remember anything about the incident. If so, it would help the case considerably.

Mary Jo revealed that the shooter was a teenage girl with brown hair named Ann Marie, who lived on Dolphin Court. She also told Alger about the young man in the maroon car and that the girl claimed that he was her boyfriend. She also remembered that the girl showed her one of Joeys shirts. It was becoming increasingly clear that Joey was more involved in the incident than initially believed, if only indirectly.

Not long after Mary Jo was interviewed, Joey told the detective that he thought he knew who might have been involved in the shooting. He believed that the shooter was Amy Fisher. He told Alger that he though it was Amy because he had given her the T-shirt that Mary Jo said she had seen at the time of the shooting. Even though the story didnt exactly fit with Joeys previous story, Alger followed up on the lead.

Alger got a photo of Amy and took it to Mary Jo. To Algers surprise, Mary Jo identified Amy as the person who had tried to kill her just days before. An arrest warrant for Amy was quickly secured following the positive identification. That same day, the police staked out Amys house, although they doubted she would have risked staying there if she was the assailant.

On May 21st, Alger was becoming impatient after not having seen any hint of Amys presence at the house. He decided that his luck would probably be better if he could coax Joey into calling her. Alger paid Joey a visit and instructed him to call Amy to find out where she was. Joey agreed hesitantly and he managed to contact her. Once the police established that Amy was at home, they arrested her.

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