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Amy Fisher

A Deadly Plan

On May 13, 1992  Amy went into The Quintessential Look, a salon where her friend Jane worked. She hoped that her friend could help her achieve a new look by coloring and styling her hair. While Jane was doing her hair, the two began a conversation that would change Amys life.

Jane complained that her boyfriend was cheating on her with another girl. Amy stated in her book that Jane threatened to get a gun and blow her head off if the girl didnt leave her boyfriend alone. Even though it was likely that Jane was only speaking figuratively, the comment gave Amy an idea.

Amy asked Jane if she knew where she could get a gun because she wanted to finally get rid of Joeys wife for good. Jane mentioned that Peter Guagenti, also known as Petey G, might be able to help. It was the beginning of a plan that would have disastrous consequences.

That night, Amy alleged that she told Joey about her plan to kill his wife. Fisher and Weller stated that when Joey was told of the plan he assisted Amy by telling her how to carry it out. According to Amy, Joey told her, When she (Mary Jo) answers it (the door), dont even wait for her to open the screen door. Just shoot and keep shooting. However, Joey would later claim that he never instructed Amy how to get rid of his wife and that she was simply lying.

On May 15, Joey contacted Amy on her beeper. Amy said that he called to find out if she was able to obtain the gun, which she had not yet received. She also claimed that Joey asked whether she received money from Paul that he allegedly owed her. He wanted her to end the relationship with Paul once and for all. Amy assured him that she and Paul were no longer seeing each other. In fact, they had gotten into an argument the night before and had broken off the relationship.

Two days later, Amy stole some license plates to be used on the fateful day. According to Amy, she and Peter Guagenti put the stolen license plates on his Thunderbird and drove to the Buttafuoco residence shortly before 11:30 a.m.

She stated that during the ride to the house, Peter handed her a Titan .25 semi-automatic gun from the glove compartment. Amy had initially expected him to carryout the shooting. However, Amy claimed that he refused and she was forced to follow through with the plan by herself.

Eventually, Amy went up to the house and confronted Mary Jo. After almost 15 minutes of conversation, Amy summoned up the nerve to shoot her rival. It would not turn out as she had planned.  

Not long after the shooting, Mary Jos limp body was discovered on her porch. She was immediately taken to Nassau  Community Medical Center emergency room, where they scheduled her for surgery. Judging by the wounds there was little chance of survival, but Mary Jo was luckier and tougher than anyone had ever imagined.

After many hours in the operating room, doctors were able to stabilize Mary Jos condition. However, they were unable to remove the bullet from her head. Her chances of survival were slightly increased, yet no one was sure if she was going to pull through.

During her operation, detectives interviewed Joey. They were trying to understand how such a senseless crime could have occurred. They also wanted any leads that could help them identify the shooter. Joey gave them more information than they bargained for.

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