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Bible John

Another Strangling

Crow & Samson paint a more sinister picture of this cab ride — stating that John seemed upset at not being alone with Helen, and resented Jean's presence. John spoke darkly of the evil women who went to places like Barrowland and completely ignored Jean for the latter half of the ride, including refusing to acknowledge her when she bid him goodbye.

Regardless of how amiable John was during Jean's trip home, her farewell glance at her sister through the cabs window was the last known sighting of Helen until a man walking his dog Halloween morning came across what he thought was a pile of discarded rags on the street. Looking closer, he discovered Helen's fully-clothed body, and he ran to get help.

Like the earlier victims, Helen had been strangled with her own pantyhose and her handbag had been taken. As with Patricia and Jemima, Helen had been having her period at the time of her death, and this time the killer had removed her sanitary napkin and tucked it into one of Helen's armpits.

Unlike the earlier crimes, however, the killer had left two identifiable clues: a bite mark on Helen's body and a semen stain on her clothing. Although only limited use could be made of those at the time, they were preserved and came into play decades later.

Jean was questioned thoroughly about John and police released massive amounts of information in hopes of getting the public's help in tracking down the killer. His ability to quote scripture was picked up by reporters who dubbed the killer "Bible John," a nickname that haunted Glasgow for years to come.


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