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Bible John

A Grim Discovery

As the sun rose on the morning of Friday the 23rd, a cabinetmaker headed off to work and noticed something strange lying along the side of a tranquil lane on his route. Looking closer, he was horrified to find the dead body of a naked woman and ran off to alert authorities.

Arriving on the scene, police quickly determined that the young woman had been dead for several hours and that she had been strangled with her own pantyhose. But a quick search of the area determined that none of the rest of the woman's clothing or any other personal belongings were nearby, leading detectives to theorize that she had been killed elsewhere and the body had been dumped in the lane.

Patricia's parents had the unfortunate task of identifying the body, which had been left just yards away from their house.


Police questioned local residents and scoured the area for Patricia's clothes and handbag. They even sent divers into the cold waters of the nearby River Cart, but none of her belongings were recovered.

One neighbor told police she thought she'd heard cries for help during the early hours of Feb. 23, but this information was too vague to be of any value to the investigation.

When police learned that a journalist had hosted a party on the night of the 22nd near the crime scene, they talked with the reporters and photographers who had attended, hoping that they would have been more naturally observant than most, but no new leads were generated.

A photograph of a policewoman wearing clothing similar to Patricia's was circulated in the area with the hope that somebody would remember seeing her after she left the dancehall.

But the investigation went nowhere, and although detectives weren't aware of it at the time, Glasgow was just beginning to add another dark chapter to the city's shadowy history.


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