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Bible John


A year and a half had passed since Patricia's body was found near her parents' home and most of Glasgow had forgotten about the brutal unsolved murder.

The crime was the last thing on the mind of Jemima, a 32-year-old mother of three, on the evening of Aug. 16, 1969. Like Patricia before her, Jemima was looking forward to an evening at the Barrowland Ballroom, and left her kids with her sister Margaret for the night.

According to Alan Crow and Peter Samson's book "Bible John: Hunt for a Killer," Jemima arrived at the Barrowland and engaged in a ritual then popular with young women: to preserve the heavily-sprayed hairstyles of the time, Jemima traveled across town with a scarf covering her hair, and upon arriving at the dancehall went immediately to the ladies room to remove her curlers and make final adjustments to her makeup before going out to the main dance floor.

Other dancers that evening noticed that Jemima spent much of the night dancing with a tall man in a blue suit. He appeared to be in his late 20s or early 30s and was neat in appearance and had short fair-colored hair.

In the early hours of the 17th, several Glaswegians out for a stroll noticed Jemima and the same man walking slowly away from the Barrowland and into the night.



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