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Margaret was puzzled when Jemima hadn't come by to pick up her children early on the morning of Aug.17. As the day wore on, she began to worry. Her anxiety distracted her to the point that she did not initially hear the neighborhood kids outside her window talking about a grisly discovery they'd made in a nearby abandoned building.

Once paying attention and fearing the worst, Margaret asked one of the children for directions to their find and soon discovered Jemima's body in the derelict building.

Unlike Patricia, Jemima was fully clothed. However, like the earlier victim, she had been strangled with her own nylons, her handbag was missing, and her body was found near her home. Additionally, when police compared the two cases, they discovered another similarity: Patricia and Jemima had both been menstruating at the time they died.

Glasgow police helmet
Glasgow police helmet

Police did an investigation of the area and tried to question those who had also attended Barrowland on the night of the 16th (which proved difficult, as some of Jemima's fellow dancers were married and had told their spouses they were going elsewhere before sneaking off to Barrowland). Skelton states that on the evening of the 19th, police had the music stopped and made an official plea for information from the stage.

Additionally, Jemima's six siblings offered a reward of £100 for information leading to an arrest, but no suspects came to light.


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