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Bible John


As Crow & Samson point out, there were multiple similarities with the three victims:

  • All had spent the last night of their lives at the Barrowland Ballroom
  • All three were strangled with their own nylons
  • Each body was left in very close proximity to the victim's home
  • The handbags of all three were taken after the murder (possibly as souvenirs?)
  • All three victims were menstruating

All three were seen leaving the Barrowland with a man of similar description, which the CID distributed to newspapers after Helen's murder:

  • 25-30 years old
  • Medium build, about 6 feet tall
  • Short light reddish hair and blue-grey eyes
  • One tooth in upper-right of mouth overlaps another tooth
  • Military-style wristwatch band

Although the New York Daily News stated that a lead investigator in the case had dismissed Bible John as a media creation and further claimed that the police never really thought there was one man who killed three times, what is known of the investigation seems to strongly indicate that after Helen's murder, the Glasgow police did believe in some connection between the three crimes. In fact, they initiated a multi-faceted investigation that was arguably the largest the city had ever seen.


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