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Jeremy Bryan Jones

The FBI Admits Their Mistake

In response to queries by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the FBI admitted that a mistake occurred with its database and is now investigating the errors and making certain the database is working properly.

If Jones had been arrested in Mobile on a minor offense like before, chances are, they would have set him free to kill yet again.

But this time, facing murder, rape and other charges in the death of Lisa Nichols, the suspect was held without bond.

Still nave about the true identity of the man they had in jail, detectives sent out a routine national teletype, just in case Chapman was wanted in other states for other crimes.

Missouri responded, saying they knew a John Paul Chapman with the same social security number and birth date, but that man had been in their prison since 1999. They sent along a photograph of their inmate and a set of his fingerprints.

Logo: Mobile County Sheriff
Logo: Mobile County Sheriff

Neither one matched the man in custody in Mobile.

For a week, police worked around the clock, trying to figure out the puzzle.

And then the suspect himself gave them a clue.

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