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Jeremy Bryan Jones

The Trial

Jeremy Jones in court
Jeremy Jones in court

During the trial, Jones blamed Lisa Nichols' neighbor for her death, but he said in other statements that he killed Lisa and burned her body while high on methamphetamines. He said, "It was like a nightmare. I was in a movie. I was higher than I had ever been in my whole life."

Alabama Attorney General Troy King said Jones "targeted his prey like any predator" and never showed even an ounce of remorse. Lead prosecutor Assistant Alabama Attorney General William Dill called Jones a classic sociopath. He said Jones testified at length and talked about Nichols and her family but "never shed one tear." However, when he spoke about his own mother, he bawled.

Troy King
Troy King

Defense attorney Greg Hughes sought a life sentence without parole, saying Jones suffered "extreme mental and emotional problems," including long-term drug addiction. 

Jones was convicted on October 26, 2005, of rape, burglary, sexual abuse and kidnapping during capital murder, in the slaying of Lisa Nichols.


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