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Jeremy Bryan Jones

The Sentence

Jeremy Jones at his trial
Jeremy Jones at his trial

A jury deliberated only thirty-five minutes before voting 10-2 for Jeremy Bryan Jones to be put to death.

Circuit Judge Charles Graddick, not bound by that recommendation, called Jeremy Bryan Jones "a danger to civilized society" as he sentenced him to die by lethal injection.

Jones told the court "God will have the final say," before Graddick sentenced him.

An appeal is automatic. Jones contends his confessions in the Nichols killing and others were just lies to get extra jail privileges like phone calls to family and meals. He vows to beat his case on appeal.

He has yet to face charges in Georgia for the March 2004 killing of 16-year-old Amanda Greenwell of Douglas County.

"One day I'll be a free man," Jones said. "I'll write me a book and laugh my ass off."


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