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Harvey Robinson: Adolescent Serial Killer


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The following articles from The Morning Call, by Debbie Garlicki, Susan Todd, Elliott Grossman, Ron Devlin, Mike Frassinelli and Kristen Casler, from 1993-2001.

"Allentown Teenager held in June Attack on Woman."

"Jurors' Quest: What Makes Harvey Robinson Tick?"

"Allentown Man Charged in Serial Murder, Rapes."

"Victims' Families Disrupt Hearing."

"Jurors Choose Death for Robinson."

"Expert Link Robinson to Crime Scene Evidence."

"Robinson Recalls Childhood, Insists He's no Murderer."

"Allentown Crimes Fit Mold of Serial Killer."

"For Robinson Jury, a Matter of Life and Death."

"Robinson Gets 40 Years for rape, Assault."

"Victim, Kin of Dead Keep Killer in Past."

"Robinson's Lawyers Seek Three Murder Trials."

"Jury Chooses Death for Robinson."

"Analyst says Same Killer Took Three Lives."

"Robinson Trial Clues Go Under Microscope."


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