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Harvey Robinson: Adolescent Serial Killer

Early Warning

Allentown Pennsylvania map
Allentown Pennsylvania map

Denise Sam-Cali, 37, lived on the East Side of Allentown, not far from where Schmoyer had been abducted, and she usually walked a mile each morning to the limousine and bus service she owned with her husband, John.  She learned only later, writes Fred Rosen in Cosmopolitan, that a young man had spotted her, noticed that she matched his victim type, and followed her.  He didn't make a move just then, but he noted where she lived.

Denise and John went away for a few days and returned on June 17.  To their annoyance, they found the back door of their home slightly open.  John went inside to look around, but saw no immediate evidence of a burglary.  Nevertheless, someone had clearly been there, as a whiskey bottle had been moved and they found a dirty footprint on the couch.  This disturbed them.  Then John thought of something.  He went to check his gun collection, which he kept in a special bag in the closet.  Opening the closet door, he was stunned to discover that the bag was gone.  He called the police.

For protection, John quickly purchased two more guns, including one that Denise could learn.  The police were not able to locate the stolen collection, and the fact that someone not only had those guns but had also entered their home left the Calis with pervasive feelings of fear and violation.  Denise did her best to learn how to shoot.  She hoped she'd never need to defend herself in this manner, but she wanted to feel safer.  They had reason to grow even more worried when another incident occurred in the neighborhood. 


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