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Harvey Robinson: Adolescent Serial Killer

Defensive Measures

John arrived and was horrified to learn what had happened.  He made immediate plans to secure their home, but insisted that Denise stay with one of her relatives in the neighborhood.  When she was able, she gave the police a description of her attacker: his eyes had been intense with rage and desperation ... and they had seemed evil.  He'd been white, about five-foot-seven, muscular, young, and clean-shaven.  It would take a session with a hypnotist to help her to recall enough details from that night to realize that he had indeed raped her.

When the newspaper reported that Sam-Cali had survived the attack, she knew she would never be safe in her home as long as this killer was out there.  He would certainly be afraid that she would recognize him, and given the fact that most of his assaults were in the area, it was likely he lived there.  For all they knew, he was only a few houses away. 

The Calis installed a burglar alarm system, and they soon proved to have been correct in their assessment: the intruder managed to break in again.  One day, the new Colt .380 automatic handgun, left on a table, turned up missing.  But during the night of July 18, someone set off the alarm and left in haste by the back door.  The Calis had guns drawn and ready, but they did not see the intruder that night.  However, they found several things missing in the morning, including some luggage. (By some reports, there was only one break-in, and during that one the handgun was stolen.)

The D.A. believed that the rapist would certainly revisit the home again to silence the witness, and he wondered if he could work this likelihood to an advantage.  It would mean that the Calis would have to remain in the home, vulnerable, to lure him back, but they would have police protection every night.  The plan was proposed, and they bravely accepted. Denise Sam-Cali was not only determined to have this man caught, but she also wanted to be free of the unrelenting nightmares she'd been having since her attack.  This man, she believed, had victimized her and would continue to exert power over her until she took it back. According to Rosen, she figured that if the intruder managed to break in and get past the police guard, she'd be ready to blast him with her own gun. 

Officer Brian Lewis received the assignment to stay in the home during the night to watch for the intruder's return.  However, he'd already moved his hunting ground a mile away as he looked for his fifth victim.


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