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Harvey Robinson: Adolescent Serial Killer


On June 20, the same intruder who had been at the Cali residence entered the home of a woman he'd been watching.  However, he found her in bed upstairs with her boyfriend.  Apparently he decided not to risk confronting a male, but he may have felt frustrated that he'd broken in and had nothing to show for his effort.  At any rate, he clearly looked around on the second floor and, in another bedroom, he spotted the woman's five-year-old daughter asleep.  The intruder moved fast, choking the child into unconsciousness and carrying her by her neck downstairs.  She revived and tried to scream, but he dumped her headfirst into a laundry basket of towels and dirty clothes and raped her.  Then he choked her again and she passed out, so he may have thought she was dead.  He left the residence and went home, just two blocks away.

Early the following morning, the girl woke her mother to tell her what had happened, so the woman's boyfriend checked downstairs and found a screen from a window removed.  The victim's mother saw small hemorrhages in the child's eyes, a sign of asphyxia, and bruises that indicated she had been choked and hit in the face.  She took her to a doctor, who found that she had been choked to the point of bursting blood vessels and had been sexually attacked. 

With one victim taken outside and three victims inside their homes, the Allentown residents were alarmed.  More people locked their doors and windows, despite the summer heat, but that did not stop the marauder.  After a month went by, he struck again.  Since he had already seen this next victim out walking, had liked the look of her and had already been inside her home, he decided it was time to make his move.  He apparently knew just when to strike, an indication that he had been watching and waiting for this moment.


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