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Andrzej Kunowski: The Little Doctor

'Help Me!'

Konev chased the intruder for a few blocks, but the man managed to turn the tables by hollering for help just as Konev had him in his clutches.

Two workmen interceded and ordered Konev to back off.

The attacker ran on and jumped in front of a Fiat. The driver, Christina Kearney, said he hollered, "Help me, help me, call the police!"

He suddenly brandished a knife, ordered Kearney out of the car and sped off.

Meanwhile, instead of trying to explain the situation to the workmen with his limited English, Konev ran back home, pausing to ring a police alarm.

He broke through a chair barricading the door and found young Katerina unconscious on the floor.

Katerina Koneva
Katerina Koneva

She had been choked with a piece of cord cut from a Virgin Atlantic flight bag that Katerina used to tote her books.

The garrote was so taut that Konev could not release it with his hands. He got a knife and cut the cord from his daughter's throat.

"I started to cry and shout her name — 'Katerina! Katerina!'" Konev said.

A policeman arrived and tried to revive the girl. It was futile. She was beyond saving.

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