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Andrzej Kunowski: The Little Doctor

'Matter of Concern'

The British Home Office admitted it was a "matter of concern" that Kunowski had not been unmasked as a wanted man years before.

Asylum-seekers are now fingerprinted and scrutinized through Interpol, although British law still does not mandate DNA testing of illegal immigrants.

But Inspector Little defended the British criminal justice system.

He said Kunowski managed to slip through the cracks because he was, as an illegal alien, invisible to the British criminal justice system.

"If the person doesn't exist," he said, "you can't bring him to justice.'

Little said Kunowski has now been scrutinized in connection with numerous other unsolved rapes and murders of women.

And although he has not been definitively linked to any additional cases, Little said Kunowski's criminal history leaves not doubt that he was likely responsible for many other sex crimes during his time in Britain.

"When he wasn't incarcerated, he was committing offenses," Little said.

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