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Andrzej Kunowski: The Little Doctor

Tragic Bungling

In 1998, British immigration authorities received a letter from Kunowski saying that he had returned to Poland. It was postmarked from Poland, but likely had been sent by Kunowski's mother.

Immigration officials continued to list Kunowski as "missing," although there was no active attempt to find him.

It couldn't have been too difficult. The Little Doctor likely never left London.

The evidence was at hand in automobile and apartment rental records. He owned a Renault automobile that he kept registered and insured. And his mother traveled from Poland to visit him in his Acton apartment at least three times in the late 1990s.

In 2001, British taxpayers treated the wanted illegal immigrant to heart bypass at Hammersmith Hospital, located a block from the apartment where he strangled Katerina Konev.

In July 2002, Kunowski was arrested for collecting welfare benefits under the name Jose Marco da Dias. But again he was released before anyone made a connection to the Konev killing or his history as a sexual predator in Poland.

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