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Andrzej Kunowski: The Little Doctor

Reaction from Poland

The Polish government has said that it would like to prosecute Kunowski should he ever be freed in Britain.

But it is unlikely the U.K. would turn him over to the country that bungled his incarceration and prosecution so many times.

"I knew he would strike again," said Waldemar Smarzewski, the Polish prosecutor. "He should remain behind bars for the rest of his life. I am sorry this psychopath ever came to Britain."

His mother, Elzbieta Kunowski, defended her son in an interview with the Daily Mail.

"He is ill, not evil," she said. "He needs proper medical and psychological care. ... He is my son and I love him."

She said they talk often by phone, and her son always praises the British penal system's good food and good medical care.

If his left hip is getting achy, he hadn't mentioned it.

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