Book Titles by Paul B. Kidd

The Knick Knack Man

Paul B. Kidd spent many hours in prison with Australia's most infamous signature serial killer and probed deep into his mind to reveal for the first time why he committed such unimaginable crimes. Victim by victim, the killer tells in his own words every bone-chilling detail of the murders and why he performed his unique ritual on their corpses, the likes of which has never been seen before, or since.

Australia's Serial Killers

A recognised authority on Australia's most notorious criminals, Paul B. Kidd covers in unwavering detail 27 true stories of serial murder. In this gallery of infamy are world-renowned serial killers the likes of the Night Caller, the Mutilator and the Granny Killer; serial poisoners such as the "Rough on Rats" Killer; and serial child killers such as the Angel of Death and the Carbon Copy Killer.

Never To Be Released

"Never to be released". A rare recommendation reserved for the most vicious of killers. The mass murderers. The serial killers. The child murderers. Those who rape and murder in gangs.

With the help of legendary police rounds reporter, the late Joe Morris, Paul B. Kidd has compiled the inside stories of Australia's most horrendous crimes to help ensure that their perpetrators remain behind bars.

Never To Be Released 2

In this frank and compelling book, Paul B. Kidd, a respected authority on this gruesome rollcall of humanity, looks at recent cases that have resulted in the handing down of a "never to be released" recommendation or its equivalent, the threads that link Australia's serial killers, and the arguments for and against capital punishment.


The Baby Farmers

Berrima Axe Murderer

The Birnies

The Butcher of Wollongong

Celluloid Serial Killers

The Anita Cobby case

Crump & Baker

Frederick Deeming

Paul Denyer

Peter Norris Dupas

Leonard John Fraser

John Wayne Glover

Katherine Knight

Paul Luckman & Robin Reid

William MacDonald

Archibald Beattie McCafferty

The Thorne Kidnapping

Christopher Worrell & James Miller

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