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Heriberto 'Eddie' Seda


Eddie Seda at his arrest.
Eddie Seda at his arrest.

In keeping with procedure, detectives asked Seda to write his confession. He obliged, with poor grammar and spelling. At the end of the confession, he drew the cross that he included on each of the Zodiac letters and three sevens. Detective Danny Powers recognized the cross.

He went to Detective Herbert and some other colleagues for confirmation of his suspicion. They all agreed. Seda was the Zodiac. They quickly got major case prints from Seda. Major Case Prints were sets of fingerprints that included the palm and sides of the fingers in addition to the fingertips. With sirens blazing, Detective Tommy Maher transported the prints to Police Plaza for crosschecking with the Zodiacs prints.

Meanwhile, another Detective, Louie Savarese went home to retrieve some Zodiac letters that he kept there. He had been obsessed with tracking the Zodiac and worked on the case in his spare time. As Savarese and Herbert began the long process of questioning Seda, the prints came back a match.

As the news spread through the department, Savarese and Herbert pushed hard. Maher, who had returned from Police Plaza, played the good cop. He consoled Seda and told him that he needed to cleanse his soul.

They showed Seda crime scene photos and for the first time he saw the results of his missions. He saw death close up.

They questioned him about every detail of the case. He became confused, tired and angry. He told his story in all its detail. Then, he asked about his sister.


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