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Heriberto 'Eddie' Seda


Eddie Seda at his trial.
Eddie Seda at his

In June of 1998, a jury convicted Heriberto Eddie Seda of being the New York Zodiac Killer. His sentence determined that he must serve 83 years before becoming eligible for parole. In a separate trial, he was convicted of the attempted murders and sentenced to 152 years. Having been born in the late 1960s, he obviously had nothing to do with the original San Francisco crimes.

Today, Seda resides in prison where he reads the Bible daily and quotes scripture to his fellow inmates. After being arrested, he made several attempts to reconcile with his sister. Gladys Chachi Reyes refused her brothers calls.

She still lives with their mother in East New York.

Most of the Zodiacs living victims still suffer physically and psychologically from the attacks. Some, like devoutly Christian Parham, have forgiven Seda for what he did. Others, like Montenesdro refuse to discuss the case. Orozco still lives in East New York and does not let fear stop him from walking the streets or enjoying the company of friends.

The original Zodiac was never caught. He remains a mystery.

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