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Heriberto 'Eddie' Seda

The Standoff

Seda and his seventeen-year-old sister were at odds constantly, especially since he had started ratting on the local drug dealers. Reyes often socialized with the young dealers in the neighborhood, and she told her brother to keep his nose out of her friends business. Seda warned her to stay away from the young men. Reyes, who brought home the households only earned paycheck, thought her freeloading, ratting brother had no right to tell her what to do. She warned him that the dealers were going to come and get him. The two often screamed at each other.

Seda went over the edge when on June 18th, 1996, Reyes invited a young male friend over to the apartment. As he listened to the pair socialize in the girls bedroom, Seda boiled over with rage. He knew the unsavory young man to be a dealer and couldnt stand the idea of his sister consorting with him. He pounded on the wall that he shared with her bedroom.

Reyes knew that meant her brother wanted her guest out of the house. She had always obeyed him in the past, but she was angry about his snitching and fed up with financially supporting him. She ignored him.

An infuriated Seda took one of his zip guns and fired it into the wall. Reyes screamed for him to stop. The brother and sister confronted each other in the living room as Seda brandished a weapon. Seda shot her in the back as she tried to escape through the front door. The gunshot wound did not incapacitate her and she made it out the door into a neighbors apartment. The frightened neighbor bolted the door and did her best to help the wounded girl. She called 911. Meanwhile, Reyess friend locked himself in her bedroom and cowered.

The ambulance arrived first. The neighbor let two EMTs into her apartment and soon the four of them were trapped in the apartment as Seda fired shots out the window at police. Seventeen officers gathered in front of the apartment building.

After several hours, Detective Joey Herbert of the 17th Precinct managed to talk Seda into giving himself up. When officers saw some of the zip guns he turned over to them, they joked that it would be a pisser if this were the Z-man.

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