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Addicted to Murder: The True Story of Daniel Conahan Jr.


Daniel Conahan, prison ID photo
Daniel Conahan, prison ID photo

During September 2001, Conahan appealed his death sentence before the Florida Supreme Court. According to records held by the Florida Clerk of Courts, Paul Helm, assistant public defender of the 10th Circuit in Bartow, represented the 46-year-old Conahan before the seven justices of the Florida Supreme Court. Robert J. Landry, assistant attorney general of Tampa, represented the state.

Conahan's attorney argued that the state did not prove premeditation and that Montgomery's killing occurred when a sex game went awry. Regardless, the state pointed out that purchasing ropes and a knife and withdrawing money from an ATM showed premeditation.

Helm then tried to get the kidnapping charge dismissed, arguing that there was no way to determine when the victim withdrew consent to be with Conahan.

It took nearly two years for the Florida Supreme Court to finally reach a decision. On January 16, 2003, they rejected Conahan's appeal, affirming the convictions and sentences, including the sentence of death.

As of this writing, Daniel Conahan Jr. continues to declare his innocence.

As Daniel Conahan sits on death row awaiting his fate, many wonder if there are more victims yet to be found. In addition, some investigators suspect that several recent discoveries may be tied to Conahan, including:

Jan. 6, 2002 - County employees discover human remains near a landfill, off Zemel Road. The body remains unidentified and the case is still being investigated as a homicide.

January 2001 - Landscapers unearth human bones on Grouper Hole Drive in Boca Grande.

Nov. 28, 2001 - During construction near U.S. 41 in Charlotte Harbor, construction crews discover human remains, later determined to be male.

Oct. 19, 2000 – Skeletal remains are found in some woods west of Toledo Blade Boulevard.

Cpl. Rick Hobbs from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Major Crimes Unit asks that anyone with information contact him at 941-575-5351.

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