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Addicted to Murder: The True Story of Daniel Conahan Jr.


The Florida Hog Trail victims were all found within a ten-mile radius of one another, all were transients, four were posed on their backs, three had missing genitals and one was dismembered and scattered. All the bodies were found within 10 miles of Conahan's home and police suspect Conahan may have gotten rid of body parts in hospital biohazard containers, while working as a nurse.

No charges have ever been filed in connection with the other murders, although Conahan is labeled as the prime suspect in those cases. An officer close to the investigation, has anonymously stated that he has no doubt that Conahan is responsible for the murders, further stating that the murders were committed in such a unique and distinctive way, that it is extremely unlikely another perpetrator committed the murders.

On October 19, 2000, two transients stumbled upon the skeletal remains of a human body in Murdock. The gruesome discovery immediately stirred up images of the six other bodies found years earlier. The remains were found in a wooded clearing south of Peachland Boulevard. The remains of Billy Patten, believed to be one of the Conahan victims, were found in a wooded area, which was visible from this latest crime scene. Police have yet to comment on whether this latest skeleton may be linked to the other murders.

Cpl. Rick Hobbs from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Major Crimes Unit was the Case Agent on the Conahan Case. Investigators are still attempting to identify the remaining unidentified victims.

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