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Addicted to Murder: The True Story of Daniel Conahan Jr.


Investigators learned that Richard Montgomery had lived with his mother, at Palms & Pines Mobile Home Park, east of Punta Gorda. He had been arrested several times in his short life. Charges ranged from assault with a deadly weapon, to auto theft, burglary and possession of burglary tools, disorderly intoxication and violation of probation.

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North Port Police Department logo

Investigators interviewed Montgomery's friends and relatives, in hopes of gaining information that might lead them toward solving the case. According to North Port Police records, neighbors at the mobile home park described Montgomery as a problem child growing up. Shirl Gibson, a 20-year resident of the park, told investigators park residents were afraid of him. "He was constantly abusing his mother and you didn't see him out and around much during the day," Gibson told investigators. "He never had a job and spent the nights partying. Cars came and went all the time at their place and we wondered if they were doing drugs."

Montgomery's mother had little information for police, although she did state that a few weeks before her son's death, he told her he had met a new friend named Dan Conahan.

While investigators continued to question Montgomery's friends and relatives, a group of police workers returned to the scene in search of additional clues. Not far from the first victim they discovered another mutilated corpse.

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