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Yoo Young-cheol, South Korea's Brutal Serial Killer

Churchspotting: Part 3

On November 18 at eleven in the morning, Yoo took the subway to Hanseong University Station.  While looking for a house near a church, he noticed a small police station in an alley and decided it would be a prime place to commit his crimes because the residents would perceive the area as safe.  He theorized their guard would be down since a police station was nearby.  Again, it was a house in a nice neighborhood in Hyehwa-dong, and it had a surrounding wall and a small garden within.  Like the death raids before, he confirmed emergency exits in case of trouble and watched the house for movement. He cleared the back wall wearing gloves and used a gas pipe to climb down. 

A baby cried from inside the house, so he knew at least two people were home.  He entered through the front door and then went up to the second floor, but didn't find anyone.  As he was coming down the stairs, the 53-year-old housekeeper, Ms. Bae, saw him and asked who he was.  Brandishing his knife, he ordered her into the master bedroom.  There he found the owner of the house, Mr. Kim, an 87-year-old man, lying on his bed.  Yoo immediately hammered his skull.  Terrified, Ms. Bae held the baby tight in her arms and Yoo pried the infant from her.  He put the baby on the sofa and covered the child with a blanket, then bludgeoned the woman's head with his hammer.

Yoo rummaged through the house and found a safe on the second floor.  He used a golf club and pruning shears to break it open.  In the process, he cut himself.  Worried that the police could track him by a DNA test, he set fire to the room.  Covered with bloodstains, he snatched a black jacket and put it on and left the house.  He watched the house from a distance for thirty minutes, unable to see any flames.  A woman that looked like a family member entered the house and that was enough.  Yoo left the scene, not remembering if he took a bus or taxi, and not knowing he left behind a set of footprints and his image captured from behind on a closed circuit TV camera.

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