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Yoo Young-cheol, South Korea's Brutal Serial Killer

Churchspotting: Part 2

On October 9, Yoo took the subway to Bulgwang Station and took a taxi to Gugi Tunnel. He walked until he found a church, and then he found an expensive looking house in the affluent neighborhood. He noticed there was no security system and it had a surrounding wall and an inner garden. He watched the movement of people inside through the window and then climbed the wall wearing gloves. He landed in some fine gravel, then walked over it, careful of noise, with his homemade hammer in hand.

Perhaps Grandmother Kang heard the front door open as she stepped out of the bathroom and was looking to see who came home. Yoo smashed the 85-year old woman three or four times in the head near the front door. At that moment, the mother came down the stairs into the living room. Yoo kicked her twice in the stomach and asked the 60-year-old housewife if there were more people in the house. Mrs. Lee said that her husband and son were upstairs, and Yoo hammered her skull until he was certain she was dead. Scrambling up to the second floor, Yoo ran into Mr. Go, the 35-year-old son, and forced him to kneel down. Yoo hit him eight to nine times until his skull caved in and left him on the stairs.

He looked around the second floor but couldn't find Mrs. Lee's husband. While searching the house, Yoo found a safe and scatted various contents around to disguise the crime scene as a robbery. He double-checked to make sure no one was still alive and then he cleaned his footprints with a towel. Yoo walked back to the Gugi Tunnel and took a taxi back to Bulgwang Station.

On October 16, Yoo hopped on the subway to Seolleung Station. He walked the Samsung neighborhood of the Gangnam district, known as one of Seoul's wealthier areas, until he found a church, and then scouted a house with a big garden and a surrounding wall that bordered a narrow alley. It was around one o' clock in the afternoon. Like before, he went over the wall wearing gloves and approached the front door.

Sketch of Yoo climbing with hammer
Sketch of Yoo climbing with hammer

At that moment, Mrs. Yoo, the 69-year old wife of a millionaire, came out to fetch the mail. As she went back inside, Yoo crept into the house right behind her. He threatened her with his knife and asked if anybody else was home. No one was, and he dragged her into the bathroom and hammered Mrs. Yoo three to four times to the head. He scattered items in the master bedroom to confuse the police, and he wiped the bloodstains off his shoes and cleaned the smeared footprints from the floor. By this time, his pattern of killing emerged. Next time, however, it wouldn't be exactly the same. He left the house and walked to Gangnam Ward Office Station.

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