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Serial Killer Scott Lee Kimball

Two Fathers Prod the Cops into Action

Meanwhile, according to ABC News, the fathers of Jennifer Marcum and Kaysi McLeod began their own inquiries into their daughters' disappearances due to what had seemed to them to be a lack of interest by law enforcement in the missing person's cases: Jennifer worked as a stripper and had ties to a known drug dealer; Kaysi had a history of drug problems and had left home a number of times after she had turned 18. Bob Marcum, Jennifer's father, and Rob McLeod, Kaysi's dad, took matters into their own hands to move their daughters' cases along.

Kaysi and her father Rob McLeod
Kaysi and her father Rob McLeod
Bob Marcum began posting billboards with Jennifer's photo that asked for information about the missing young woman, and appeared on television news programs to further publicize her mysterious disappearance. While Marcum appealed for information, it was Kaysi McLeod's best friend, Tabetha Morton, who had made a connection between Scott Kimball and Kaysi. Morton called Rob McLeod in 2005 and told him that Kimball "went missing when Kaysi did." Kimball by that time was married to Kaysi's mother, Lori McLeod, which is how Morton had come to know about him.

Rob McLeod immediately began searching for additional information about Kimball, and in June 2005 discovered a news article about Jennifer Marcum's disappearance. After reading in stunned disbelief that Jennifer had last been seen with Kimball, McLeod began tracking down Jennifer's family, who resided in Illinois.

Terry Kimball
Terry Kimball
A short time later, the McLeods and the Marcums met to compare information about Kimball and his relationship to their daughters. Lori McLeod told Bob Marcum everything she knew about Kimball and what he had said about Jennifer, and the two families drove together to a number of locations that they believed to be connected with their daughters' disappearances. Hoping for a clue that could shed some light on what had happened, they nonetheless came up empty-handed.

However, during one of their discussions, the two families realized that a third person connected to Kimball had gone missingTerry Kimball, Scott Kimball's uncle. Lori McLeod related how Terry had moved in with her and Scott, but that Uncle Terry had inexplicably left on September 1, 2004, never to be seen again. When Lori had asked Scott where Terry had gone, Kimball told her that Terry had won the lottery and had taken his girlfriend to Mexico.

After they had pieced their information together and had a clear picture that three people with a connection to Scott Kimball had disappeared without a trace, Rob McLeod and Bob Marcum went to the FBI. After a bit of prodding, they eventually convinced the FBI to take their information and allegations seriously.

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