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Serial Killer Scott Lee Kimball

A Former Cell Mate Talks to the FBI

During an interview with Grusing on November 18, 2006, Bob Marcum related that he and Jennifer's mother, Mary Willis, had met with Scott Kimball in August 2005. During that meeting, Kimball had said that he knew precisely where Jennifer's body was buried, and that he could take them to the location in the mountains because he wanted her to have a "good Christian burial." Marcum and Willis, however, did not trust Kimball and declined his offer.

Scott Lee Kimball
Scott Lee Kimball
"I figured he was a killer, and I wasn't going anywhere with him," Marcum told ABC News. "I figured I'd end up dead after the things that he said."

Grusing met with Marcum and Willis a number of times during the course of the investigation, and learned that Kimball had told Jennifer's parents that their daughter's body was buried near Rifle, Colo.

On January 25, 2007, Grusing and LPD Detective Gary Thatcher traveled to the Missoula County Detention Facility in Missoula, Mont., where they interviewed one of Kimball's former cellmates. According to the former cellmate, Kimball had asked him if he thought that fake breasts could be traced. The cellmate replied that the name of the manufacturer and the serial number were located inside the implants to allow tracing in the event of liability lawsuits. During that conversation, Kimball had reportedly said, "I know a guy that will pay you to cut implants out of a dead body." When the cell mate asked Kimball why anyone would be concerned about implants when a body would have fingerprints, footprints, teeth, and a skull, Kimball responded, "You cut off the feet, head and hands and there's no trace of it."

Kimball also told the cellmate that the woman in question was buried in the mountains. He apparently had not mentioned which state she was buried in, and while it was not known whether he had dismembered Jennifer Marcum's body when he disposed of it, the implication was that the breast implants and IUD had become a concern to him. Although it was not known how Kimball had learned of Jennifer's breast implants and IUD, it was possible that he had learned of them during his dealings with her former boyfriend, Steve Ennis. At one point, however, Kimball related information implicating another man in Jennifer's death, and said that it had been the killer who had been willing to pay Kimball to remove her breast implants and IUD.

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