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Paul Durousseau, the Jacksonville Serial Killer

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Entrance of the Spanish Oaks Apartments where Nikia Kilpatrick was murdered.

Nikia Kilpatrick's apartment building in the Spanish Oaks Apartment complex.

Nikia Shanell Kilpatrick, her decomposed body was found in her apartment. Along with her two children who had been left by their mother's killer for two days before family arrived.

Florida map with Jacksonville marked, Paul Durousseau's killing ground.

In January, 2003 Shawanda Denise McCalister had been found strangled to death with a cord in her Jacksonville apartment on Arco Drive.

In December, 2002 police discovered the remains of eighteen-year-old Nicole L. Williams wrapped in a light blue blanket in a ditch on Soutel Drive in Jacksonville.

In February, 2003 a construction crew clearing out a vacant lot on New Kings Road in Jacksonville found the remains of seventeen-year-old Jovanna Tyrica Jefferson in a ditch. She had been missing since January 20, 2003.

Six feet from where Jovanna's body had been found police discovered the body of nineteen-year-old mother of two, Surita Ann Cohen, who had been missing since February 4th.

Paul Durousseau was born on August 11, 1970 in Beaumont, Texas and moved around frequently throughout his life. To date, little is known about his childhood. What is known is that Paul had a checkered history including, an extensive police record dating back to 1991 when he was arrested for the Jacksonville serial murders.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office entrance.

Jacksonville's Sheriff Nat Glover.

Duval County Pre-Trial Detention Center building.

In September 1997, Tracy Habersham went missing after attending a party at Fort Benning's NCO Club in Columbus, Georgia. A couple of days following her disappearance, a man walking his dog found her nude body in a ditch in the area where Tracy grew up. She had been strangled. The murder case remained unsolved for years until after Paul's arrest on February 6, 2003.

Duval County Court House.

Parents of three of the victims have filed suit against Gator City Taxi. The parents' suit contends that their daughters were murdered because the cab company failed to perform an adequate background check when hiring accused serial killer Paul Durousseau to drive a cab.

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