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Paul Durousseau, the Jacksonville Serial Killer


Business Journal (July 21, 2003) "Gator Taxi sued in 3 deaths."

Clear Channel Television-Jacksonville (June 19, 2003). " State to Seek Death Penalty."

Chapin, Veronica (June 18, 2003). "Cabdriver Arrested in 6 Serial Killings."

First Coast News (January 2, 2003). "Investigating Death of Woman."

First Coast News (June 18, 2003). "Family Distraught After Durousseaus's Arrest."

First Coast News (June 19, 2003).  "Serial Murder Suspect Linked to 1997 murder in Columbus, Ga."      

Fox News (June 18, 2003). "Florida Man Charged With Serial Killings of Five Women." (June 17, 2003). "Suspected Killer Under Arrest."

Paul Durousseau Timeline (June 19, 2003). Provided by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the State Attorney's Office.

Pinkham, Paul (June 20, 2003). ""Cabdriver Indicted; State Will Seek Death."

Treen, Dana (June 19, 2003). "Accused Killer was Lewd, Say Neighbors." Times-Union.

Word, Ron (June 18, 2003). "Fla. Cabbie Arrested in 6 Women's Deaths." Associated Press.

Word, Ron (June 19, 2003). "Jacksonville Cab Driver Accused of Killing Six Women." Associated Press. (June 30, 2012). Paul Durousseau

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