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Ivan Milat: The Last Ride


On the Sunday following his conviction, Ivan was transported to a maximum-security prison in Maitland, south west of Sydney. After the normal prison induction of showers and the issue of bedding, Milat was "welcomed" to the jail in a manner that he could not have expected. While waiting in line to be assigned to a cell, he was approached by a tall, well-built inmate and punched to the ground.

Ivan Milat, the prisoner
Ivan Milat, the prisoner

Despite his bad start, Ivan settled into prison life in a cell in A wing. Several months later, on the 17th July, he was involved in a foiled escape attempt that was masterminded by George Savvas, a former city councilman who was serving time for drug trafficking. Ironically, Ivan was immediately transferred to the high security wing of Goulburn jail, only a few short miles from Belangalo Forest.

The next day Savvas was found hanged in his cell. To this date, Ivan Milat has not been charged for his part in the escape attempt.

As a follow up to the Milat story, several reporters approached members of Ivans family for interviews. Some of them refused; others demanded money.

Richard Milat, when asked by the press if he feared he would be arrested in relation to the murders, replied, "not really, if they wanted me theyd have me by now." Margaret, Ivans mother, was shocked by the sentence handed down on her son, but told reporters, "if he did these crimes then he deserves to be punished."

Other reporters tracked Ivans brother Boris down to a secret location, where he was supposedly "hiding" from his family. When asked if he thought that Ivan was innocent, he answered, "all my brothers are capable of extreme violence, given the right time and place individually. "He continued, "the things I can tell you are much worse than what Ivans meant to have done. Everywhere hes worked, people have disappeared, I know where hes been.

He then asked the reporters if they thought Ivan was guilty, they replied that they did. "If Ivans done these murders," he told them, "I reckon hes done a hell of a lot more."

"How many?" they asked.

His reply was disturbing. "About twenty eight."

Ivan Milat to this day continues to profess his innocence. He has formed a support group that lobbies the government for his release.

Ivan Milat was moved to solitary confinement after prison officers found a hacksaw blade hidden in his cell. The searchers, using a metal detector, found the blade inside a packet of biscuits. At the time of the routine search, Milat was already segregated from other prisoners in the maximum-security wing of Goulburn jail. He has indicated that he will attempt escape at every opportunity.

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