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Ivan Milat: The Last Ride


Several books have been written on Ivan Milat and the "Backpacker" murders. Two of them, Sins of the Brother by Mark Whittaker and Les Kennedy (Pan Macmillian Australia, 1998) , and Fate by Neil Mercer ( Random House Australia, 1997), were used as reference for this story.

You can order the book Sins of the Brother directly from the Australian Online Bookshop

Several newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian also provided extensive coverage of the case.

AP Worldstream (May 28, 2004). Convicted backpacker murderer to remain in prison after court closes last avenue of appeal.

Arlington, Kim (January 27, 2005). NSW: Is missing hitchhiker another Milat victim? AAP General News.

Larner, Tony (May 13, 2001). Backpacker killer tops suspects list. Sunday Mercury.

McNamara, Denise (June 20, 2001). NSW: Milat says he had nothing to do with girls disappearance. AAP General News.

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