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John Joubert, Nebraska Boy Snatcher

Joubert's Tale

When Joubert finally gave up his story, he talked about how he'd approached Danny Joe Eberle.  He'd seen the boy rolling the newspapers and had followed him as he started his route.  At the fourth house, he'd approached him, pulled out a knife, clamped a hand over his mouth, and made him get into the car.  Anyone could have seen them.  They had walked across a parking lot and were visible together for long enough for Joubert to grow nervous.  But Danny Joe didn't resist.  He did what he was told.  Joubert told him to get on his face on the ground (hence the pebble impressions), and while he was doing this, Joubert retrieved the tape and rope from his car to bind and gag the boy.  Then he picked Danny Joe up and placed him inside the trunk.  No one had seen them, and now he was safe.  He had a victim all to himself and no one was the wiser.

He drove out to the gravel road, came to a stop, and went around to open the trunk.  The boy inside looked terrified, which made him feel in control.  But it was getting light outside and there was a chance that someone would come by and see them. He removed the rope and ordered the boy to take off his outer clothing, which he did.  He also begged for his life, but Joubert was oblivious.  He told Danny Joe that he was going to die.  He took out his knife and stabbed the boy in the back.  Then he stabbed him in the chest several times until the boy died.  For good measure, he bit Danny Joe on the shoulder and leg.  On top of those marks, he left a star pattern, carved with the knife.  He knew that bite marks could give someone away.

Contrary to the profile, he'd done this all quickly after the first encounter.  It had been an ambition, a fantasy, and now it was done.  He'd also worked alone, and it had not been his first.  Wiping his hands and the weapon clean, he tossed Danny Joe's clothes into a ditch and then dragged his body into some weeds.  He knew he'd have to get out of there in short order, but he wanted to place the body out of sight.  He'd gotten what he wanted: a helpless victim that he could cut and kill as he pleased.  He'd enjoyed it.  He needed now to go somewhere and relieved the sexual tension it had engendered.  Memories of the begging alone would entertain him for quite a while, along with his true crime magazines.  He returned to his room and masturbated.  But as with all predators, the experience was never ultimately satisfying.  It wasn't long before he planned another one.


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