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John Joubert, Nebraska Boy Snatcher

Photo Gallery

This is a view of one of the crime scenes from the air.

Map showing the location of Belleview, Nebraska.

Victim Chris Walden. He was walking to school when he was kidnapped by Joubert.

Christopher Walden's clothing was found near his body, at the crime scene.

Danny Joe Eberle was the first known victim in Nebraska. He was delivering newspapers in the early morning when he disappeared.

The rope that Joubert used to tie Danny Eberle's hands.

The frayed end of rope that police had from the Eberle crime scene. The rope was unusual, and would allow investigstors to link crime to criminal if discovered.

The rope that was used in the murder had a very specific color pattern woven into it. It was splayed open and taped off to help identify some of the characteristics unique to the evidence.

The Center of Forensic Psychiatry in Michigan. Information pertaining to psychiatric histories of some murderes have given some direction in helping determine some of the motivations for murder.

A police photo of the gravel road near where Danny Joe Eberle's body was discovered.

The Sarpy Police have developed a slide show detailing the crime, and use it as a study model for presentation to other law enforcement agencies. This was a list of the agencies involved in the task force.

Sarpy Police listed the activities that were performed during the case.

Sarpy Police listed the investigative techniques that were employed by the various elements of their task force.

An orgaizational chart of the task force created to assist in the apprehention of the murderer.

One of the witnesses was able to give a good description to police, and the sketch artist drew this composite.

A mugshot of John Joubert. Much of Robert Ressler's profile was quite accurate.

A group of searches assisting in the investigation scour the brush near the Eberle crime scene.

A headline from the Omaha World Herald, discussing the Guilty Plea of Joubert.

A prison photo ID of John Joubert in 1996, before his execution.

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