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A "Person of Interest"

Sung Koo Kim
Sung Koo Kim

Eventually, the eye of the hurricane focused on Sung Koo Kim, a thirty-year-old man living with his parents in Tigard, Oregon, eighty miles north of Corvallis. Kim, who graduated from Washington State University in 2001 with degrees in Genetics and Cellular Biology, had been arrested ten days before Brooke's disappearance on suspicion of stalking an Oregon State University student. Oregon State is located in Corvallis.

The female student of his obsession was a member of the OSU swim team and frequented the Oak Park Apartments, where Brooke was staying with her sister. At first glance, the swim team member looked much like Brooke. When he was arrested, Kim had a copy of the woman's photo and her bio from the OSU website, along with a bag of dryer lint from the Oak Park Apartments.

Oregon State University medal
Oregon State University medal

That wasn't all they found when police searched his room in his parents' home. They also found 3400 pair of women's panties, collected from seven different colleges in the state, 40,000 photos of violent pornographic pictures of women being tortured and raped, and 4,000 pornographic videos. According to Jeff Lesowski, deputy Washington County district attorney, while some of the pornographic images were of children, the vast majority were of women being raped, tortured, dismembered or killed.

Kim also had a file named "osu.doc" which detailed an apparent plan to rape, mutilate and strangle a girl.

Kim was out on bail when Brooke disappeared.


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