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Derrick Todd Lee

Building The Case

In April 2003, the Zachary cops began to receive complaints from a woman in Oak Shadows subdivision.  Someone was stalking her on her early morning jogs.

The police started looking around.  They found boot prints outside a window.  Their peeping tom was back. 

Dannie Mixon began to dig into Derrick Todd Lee's criminal history.  He worked up a timeline for Lee, documenting the dates when Lee was in jail.  Then Mixon compared the timeline to the dates of the murder of Connie Warner and the disappearance of Randi Mebruer.  He also compared it to the dates of the murders linked to the Baton Rouge serial killer.

Lee was out of jail during every single attack.

"When I worked this all up, I though Derrick Todd Lee was the most viable suspect on the streets," Mixon later said.

The Attorney General's investigator wanted a DNA sample from Lee. 

East Feliciana Parish
East Feliciana Parish

Mixon wrote a six-page application and got a judge in East Feliciana Parish to issue a subpoena duces tecum, a court order that allowed Mixon to take a DNA swab from Derrick Todd Lee.


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