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Derrick Todd Lee

Murders Continue

Meanwhile up in Zachary, Dannie Mixon, David McDavid, and Ray Daywho'd been promoted to detectivekept looking at Derrick Todd Lee.

Mixon wasn't part of the task force.  He had to keep up with the serial killer case through news reports.

Even with the highly publicized task force on his trail, the serial killer didn't stop.

Carrie Lynn Yoder
Carrie Lynn Yoder

Carrie Lynn Yoder disappeared on March 3, 2003.  The 26-year-old LSU graduate student lived just south of the LSU campus.  She was unloading groceries from her car when she was abducted.

Ten days later, a crawfish farmer discovered Carrie's body floating in Whiskey Bay just a mile and a half from where Pam Kinamore had been found.  Yoder had been beaten and strangled.  The blows to her body fractured her ribs and lacerated her liver.  Like the other women, she had also been raped.  The killer's DNA linked Carrie Lynn Yoder to the other known serial killer victims.

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